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Street Food Heroessfh1

In this new format, I am one of three specialists who hit the road together, in search of the best Italian street food. Our mission is to crown the first Italian Street Food Hero!
Watch the trailer here, or the full episodes here (unfortunately only available in the EU for now).
Here is theStreet Food Heroes facebook page.



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Menu di Benedetta:

Il Giorno del Ringraziamento

Mississippi Mud Pie

Hamburger Buns

Banana Cupcakes

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Mamma Mia che Settimana:

Muffin Salati

Quick Crumble

Cake Pops


Cucina con Ale: Key lime pie

Info Point

Class Life: Thanksgiving

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  • Suzan
    Jul 20, 2012

    ….and i can say i knew her when…. !! WOW laurel what a neat thangy ya got goin there (and here)!! Does this mean you are Texalian or Itexiano !?
    anyway your dad told me bout your blog and sent me a link -and i’m soo glad he did! i gotta say you make us texans very proud! very good laurel-i’m so proud for you. i hope to get to see you when your back for a visit next time , take care to you and your cute italiano , emilio
    ciao bella

    Suzan Jul 20, 2012

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